Commission Info

Hey there, so you're interested in commissioning me? Excellent! Before we proceed, please read below and copy paste the form back to me with the needed information included.

General Information

Completion time: Commissions usually take up to 7 days to complete, please keep in mind I have multiple commissions in the queue so this is the reason for the time frame. 

The process: After you fill in and send the form further below we'll discuss the fine details of the commission and work out whats best for you. After discussing how the piece (or pieces) should look I'll do a rough sketch to show the general design. When you're happy with the sketch I will send you an invoice through paypal and after payment I will start completing the commission. The sketches are to show placement and colour scheme as well as text style and character design (if applicable), if you have something you want included in the design please let me know so it's not missed as I do 1 sketch with 1-2 revisions for free, after that I do start charging extra for sketches, this is purely because they can take me a couple hours to do.

Payment method: I only take paypal as payment, after the sketch is completed and you are happy with the general design I will send you an invoice. I will only start working on completion after the invoice has been completed. 

Detailing differences: I do offer 2 different styles of detailing which I will provide examples of whilst we discuss the commission. Usually this is only applicable to logo and icon commissions, if you're a returning customer you may have not had this prior. I now offer this as I had a lot more people requesting designs that were similar to my more detailed logos, as time went on these became more popular than my previous style. I have kept my previous style and price bracket to accommodate as many people as possible.

What will it look like?: Please keep in mind my portfolio is my work style, if you are looking to have a style of a different artist then please go to them instead. However if you like a certain style and would like to see if I can do something similar or replicate then feel free to ask me. But please dont expect me to draw like another artist without any reasoning, I have had a couple people turn around after a commission is completed saying they wanted it to look like another persons work or a completely different style despite never bringing it up with me that thats what they wanted, It's upsetting for both parties.

Commission form

Please copy paste this form, fill it in and send it to me so we can proceed with the commission!

Commission type: (Logo, icon, background. If multiple please include them all and the quantity of each)

Budget: (My pricing is listen on my shop thread, you don't have to fill in this section but if you have a set budget please let me know so I have a better idea of what I can create for you)

Text: (For a logo, the server name. For icons, any text that is needed including etc) 

Description: (All the info of what you would like, if you have a design idea in mind pleas write it here)
References: (If you have any images of logos etc that you would like me to see to give me an idea of what you like in a design)

Theme: (Whats your server theme? Mediavel, Pixelmon, fantasy, futuristic? etc) 

Any other details I might need to know: